What is Art Therapy?


Art Therapy is a mental health profession that combines the use of art materials (painting, drawing, clay, mixed-media, and photography) with psychotherapy, to encourage self-expression, exploration, and understanding.

It can be hard to talk about our challenges.Making art - within the context of a safe and judgment free therapeutic relationship - can help to externalize our thoughts and feelings. This can lead to a sense of relief, help us to build more self-awareness, and lead to positive changes in thoughts and actions. 


Who Can Benefit?


People of any age may benefit from Art Therapy. 

I help both children and adults who are struggling with feeling safe, accepted, and understood, to shift their self-concept and build on their strengths. 

Previous Art Experience is not required

The focus is more on process rather than product. Experimentation is encouraged and supported through the guidance of the Art Therapist.

Specific Art Therapy approaches, techniques, and art media may be incorporated into the sessions, dependent upon the needs of the client.